Thanks for being interested in my research! I enjoy working with talents across the world. I am always looking for highly motivated graduate and undergraduate students, as well as postdoctoral fellows, who are enthusiastic about the areas of Information Visualization, Human-Computer Interaction, and Data Science. You will benefit from the big HCI group at University of Waterloo that consists of four faculty members who work on a diverse set of interesting topics! Also, take some time to learn about the School of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo, one of the best computer science programs worldwide!

Note that applicants with a Bachelor’s degree normally complete a M.Math. at University of Waterloo, prior beginning a Ph.D. Unlike most programs in the U.S., students in the M.Math. program are fully funded and expected to work full-time towards their research. If you have an equivalent Master’s degree elsewhere, you can apply the Ph.D. program directly; and if you are an exceptional undergraduate applicant, a Ph.D. direct program is available. Please read more information on the school’s website.

If you are looking for opportunities:

  • You should be familiar with my research areas. Take a look of my recent publications, and tell me about your ideas. Professors love to talk about their research! Generic and unpersonalized inquiries do not help much.
  • You should be genuinely interested in working on these areas. Not just for funding! You don’t need to be special talent, but you need to be passionately curious. Make it clear and concrete about your topics of interests (not just general terms like HCI and Visualization).
  • For M.Math. and Ph.D. applicants who want to work with me, you should apply through the school (not me). However, feel free to tell me about you through the WatVis Prospective Student form. If you do eager to send me an email, please indicate:
    • You have filled in the form;
    • Your research interests, proposal of research, and/or thoughts on my work (beyond generic comments);
    • A micro review (~500 words) of any of my papers including: (1) a summary of the paper’s contributions, (2) a few specific strengths of the paper, (3) a few specific weaknesses of the paper, and (4) any future work you think it would be cool to do.
  • For undergraduate students who want to do research with me (e.g., through URA), please fill in the WatVis URA Application form. Feel free to drop by my office and talk about your passion.
  • For postdoctoral fellows who wish to join my lab, please see this for information and how to apply. In addition, I encourage you to check the funding opportunities at the University of Waterloo.
  • Please include “WatVis” in the subject of your email, otherwise you won’t get a response.